Wild Camping (grass or woodland floor pitch non-electric) per adult 18 + £5 per night. £3 per night for under 18’s. No extra charge for cars or dogs.

Foraging workshop – £30 for over 18 + free for anyone 18 and under. Workshop lasts approximately 1.5-2 hours. Guided by campsite owner Henry, discover what wild edibles exist across the entire 34 acres of the campsite. Foraging workshops are also available at a location of your choice if you’re not camping with us, simply use our enquiry form to book.

Target shooting/clay pigeon shooting – £45 per adult. Suitable for ages 14+. Approximately 30 birds (2-3 hours of clay shooting depending on the size of the group) all ammunition, targets, and firearms included. Full coaching provided, suitable for groups of up to 20 people.

Anabolic Outdoor Training . £40 per adult. Only suitable for ages 18+. Group and 1-1 sessions available. The Anabolic Outdoor Training method is based upon Henry’s publications ‘The Woodland Warrior’ and ‘The Anabolic Shroom’ which are available in our website shop. Sessions will consist of workouts with high intensity aerobic activity along with calisthenics and weighted resistance lifting logs as well as other heavy awkward objects like natural stones. This will be followed by foraging of plants and fungi across the campsite with a focus on how wild edibles benefit overall health and physical performance. Recovery methods unique to a woodland environment such as forest bathing as well as cold-water immersion will also be included. Lasts approximately 2-3 hours.

As part of your visit to Dagger Wood Campsite you can choose some extras for your stay. Please select from the list below and request upon booking.

Logs and Kindling £12.50/£9.50 per bag – sustainably sourced

6 free range eggs £3

Entertainment package £60 – try both Clay Pigeon Shooting and Foraging during your stay. Please specify a preferred time when booking.

Power Barn Gym £5 per visit – access to the powerlifting gym on the campsite grounds which includes 310kg of Olympic plates, adjustable dumbbells up to 60kg, a deadlift and power bar, a power rack, and a bench press. As well as a stepper machine.