Please keep dogs on leads at all times unless they can remain under control and pose no threat to other campers or wildlife.

For fires, please use the fire buckets/pits provided. For BBQ’s (especially disposable) please elevate off the ground using the bricks and mortar available behind the main campsite hub (by the toilets). Ensure they are fully extinguished before disposing within the appropriate waste bucket.

Please read carefully the carbon monoxide and fire precautions provided at the hub.

You may use any fallen or dead wood you find around the campsite to assist in making a fire. Under no circumstances cut down any healthy or living trees.

Please pay close attention to the campsite boundaries. Dagger Wood Campsite is surrounded by privately owned land (the only public footpath is along the railway track beyond our boundary). If you do cross these boundaries the landowner of these properties has the right to prosecute for trespassing. If you’re suspicious about any activity that appears to be taking place in the vicinity of the campsite or believe someone is trespassing, in an emergency phone 999 or contact Henry immediately on 07756515092.

Henry, the campsite owner, is a qualified first aider, therefore can deal with minor injuries. Don’t hesitate to call for assistance.

Please do not exceed a speed limit of 10 mph on any area of the campsite. Be aware that (especially in wet weather) some areas can only be accessed by a 4×4. If you do get stuck for any reason, don’t panic, please contact Henry.

If interested in trying wild plants and fungi, and you’re a complete beginner or novice forager, please ask assistance from Henry with identification to keep you and your fellow campers safe. We guarantee only a few steps away are both plants and fungi that would make you either seriously ill or result in a painful demise.

However, many tasty delights await your discovery; just contact Henry for further information. If you’re an experienced forager, please follow the forager’s code and take only a sustainable amount. And ensure you do not up-root any plants.

Under no circumstances should anyone litter. Please use the disposable bins provided. We pride ourselves on our recycling and sustainability.

Responsible alcohol consumption is permitted (24 cans of Thatcher’s Haze is available from the farm for £20)

Under no circumstances are any kind of firearms or weapons to be brought on to the campsite. 

Hunting of any wild game, such as birds, rodents, or deer, is not permitted. 

The Clutone Stone – if you would like to attempt the Clutone Challenge at some point during your visit, please let Henry know. All attempts are at the individual’s own risk. Dagger Wood Campsite or its owners won’t be held responsible for any injuries occurred during the challenge. If successful, you will receive the ‘I lifted the Clutone Stone’ t-shirt and your name will be added to the Archives of Clutone.