Upon arrival, please use our main entrance track to drive down to the central area of the campsite and park in front of the drinking water and cold showers. The track is quite bumpy so please take it nice and slow. Head to your chosen pitch by foot from here. It is not possible to park next to your grass pitch at Dagger Wood. No areas with grass are accessible with any vehicle (including 4×4’s).

We are limiting bookings to just 10 pitches (of any size excluding groups above 8) therefore you should at no point feel it is overcrowded. If you are in a larger group, we recommend pitch 1 at the centre of the site. The site is 34 acres in total so you should have plenty of choice when it comes to pitch selection. You may pitch anywhere you want and there is no need to notify us of your arrival nor any reception to book into. If you are seeking a more wooded area with trees near-by we recommend pitches 18/20/26/26/3/4. Pitch 12 is directly under an ancient oak tree. Be aware that not all areas of the campsite are level.


We currently have five compost toilets. Please follow the instructions provided. We also have two open air cold showers (flip flops/sliders plus swimwear needed) as well as drinking water, which is all located at the centre of the campsite.

Please be aware that the campsite has an abundance of wildlife. It will not come as a surprise if you find deer grazing or running past your tent in the early hours of the morning. Dogs are welcome, but please keep them on a lead as much as possible if you believe they might pose a risk to wildlife or other dogs.

While we hope that children can explore the site as much as they want, care must be taken as barbed wire encloses most of the campsite due to surrounding livestock. Other potential hazards like dense tree cover and vegetation as well as remnants of former agricultural/industrial use also exist.

All visitors enter Dagger Wood Campsite at their own risk, and we will not be held responsible for any personal injury as well damage or theft of vehicles and property during your stay.

For fires, please use the fire pits provided at each pitch. For BBQ’s (especially disposable) please elevate off the ground using the bricks and mortar available behind the main campsite hub (by the toilets). Ensure they are fully extinguished before disposing.

Please read the carbon monoxide and fire precautions provided at the hub as well as our fire evacuation procedure.

Please pay close attention to the campsite boundaries. Dagger Wood Campsite is surrounded by privately owned land.

Under no circumstances are any kind of firearms or weapons to be brought on to the campsite. Hunting of any wild game, such as birds, rodents, or deer, is not permitted.

For the peace of everyone staying, please reduce noise from your pitch by 10 pm.

Map of Daggerwood Campsite, correct as of Jan 2024