The Woodland Warrior




Welcome to the temple of timber.

The Woodland Warrior is a training programme designed to show you how to maximise muscle mass, strength, and your nutrition using nothing but the environment of the woodland.

Expect to press heavy logs overhead, perform hundreds of pull-ups using the nearest branch, and run like a wild beast across the forest floor.

A full 12-week training programme is included within the book.

Unlock the nutritional secrets of past civilisations and learn what edible plants and fungi are hidden in woodland groves for you to forage and how they can transform your ability to perform.

Learn that the woodlands are where we were born to be and how trying to immerse ourselves in nature as frequently as we can is of the up most importance for our overall well-being.

Discover how areas of woodland developed on the British Isle and how they were utilised by different cultures throughout the ages.

Prepare to follow the path of The Woodland Warrior.


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